Charter Information Sheet

Decked Out Yachting would like to make you aware of the following information to ensure your charter is pleasurable, safe and adheres to charter standards and requirements. The information on this form is important, so we ask that you take time to read it carefully. Please copy or email this form to your guests to ensure they are aware of requirements and safety precautions.


What to Bring

Most motor vessels have sunscreen on hand; however it is wise to ensure that you have sufficient protection from the sun. Bring a hat, shirt with sleeves, sunglasses (preferably polarized on the water) and sunscreen. Don’t forget your towel, camera and seasick tablets if required.


What to Wear

We want you to relax and enjoy your time on board so we strongly recommend that you wear comfortable, loose clothing. A windbreaker or large jacket is also recommended in the event that the weather turns. We recommend white, soft soled shoes (boat shoes) as hard soled or heeled shoes pose a safety risk on board and can damage the decking. And of course Slip, Slop, Slap. Food Allergies/Dietary Requirements When on board catering is provided please specify dietary requirements. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible to allow time for the chef to purchase required supplies. It’s great to know in advance of vegetarians, food allergies and special requests.


Medication and Health

Our skipper is fully trained to deal with medical emergencies onboard. Please disclose any existing extreme medical conditions before departure, and remember to bring any special medicines with you when you come onboard.


Intoxicated Passengers

Vessels run under the same legal license as any other venue; we cannot serve liquor to intoxicated passengers. Please drink sensibly to avoid the necessity of returning intoxicated passengers to Harbour.



Please be sure to ask the Captain or crew where the smoking area is before any flame or heat is ignited as there are safety issues to consider, please take care with your cigarette butts to ensure vessels stay in pristine condition for future passengers, and to avoid any fire hazards.

Above all, please enjoy the hospitality of Decked Out Yachting Ltd, your Captain and the crew of your chosen vessel and we look forward to having you onboard for an exciting and memorable event.